Client: St Andrews Primary School, Gloucester
Location: Cheltenham GL54 4AJ

Working with specialist energy reduction consultant – Inspired Efficiency, Batchelor Electrical delivered a carbon saving project to St Andrews Chedworth.

The project has resulted in the school being net zero carbon with its residual energy demand being met from a 100% renewable electricity supplier. The project will save 15.49 tonnes of CO2e per year and provide financial savings of £4,500 per year to the school.

All of the LED lighting has been installed throughout the school including the main school hall which previously has T8 fluorescent lighting. The lighting works are forecast to reduce the lighting electrical usage by 64%, saving over £1,000 per year in electricity.

The PV panels produce 11.1kWp, generating 10,383kWh per year. This has been sized to best correspond to the school’s electrical usage and is expected to have 95.3% of the energy generated used on site by the school thus avoiding export. To achieve this the system has been installed with a 5kW battery. The inverter and battery system were supplied by Huawei and one of the first installations of this kind in the UK.

In addition, Batchelor Electrical also installed an electric vehicle charging point for staff and community use.